DIY: ABS motorcycle switch – with relay (VAR II) – V-Strom 650DL

The installation, mounting and getting the first ABS switch to work was pretty easy. However, was impossible to turn the ABS off on the go and was an absolute pain to turn it off after getting throw overs on the bike, during a trip. As such, I decided to mount a handlebar one and resolve […]


DIY: Stop light for top box

Ok, so the option was for me to purchase a top box stop light at a price of about $70 (or a little less depending on promotions). I thought I could do it a bit cheaper or if not, at least is made by my hands and I’ll be proud of the results. Disclaimer: I never […]


Installing SpeedoHealer on V-Strom 650, 2012+

I decided to install a SpeedoHealer on my 2014 V-Strom 650. On our roads we have lots of speed cameras, mobile cameras, point-to-point cameras, etc … For a long period of time I had (and still have) Android applications that warn me when i go over the speed limit more than 1 km/h. Yes, just one. I […]

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Volt meter to your bike

I have few things on my V-Strom 650. And because I want to do long trips, it’s good to keep an eye on the battery from time to time. As such, I decided to add a voltmeter. Here is how I did it. I’ve purchased a voltmeter for about $5 from eBay. Just make sure […]


DIY: ABS switch for motorcycle

Tonight, contemplating on the 8th of March 2016 events, I decided to make myself an ABS switch. Although I made it for my 650 V-Strom, same principle can be applied to any. I love my ABS so I will not switch it on/off pretty often. I will do it only when going off road / […]


First of March 2016 – Romanian language

Unfortunately, I made this in Romanian language. I just wanted to see how it would go …


DIY V-Strom soft pannier rack (left)

As I had a bit of success with the soft pannier rack on the right hand side, I decided to make one for the left. Initially I thought to try and make it symmetric to the right side but at a better look I think it would have been a fail. From the same 16 mm […]


MCCruise review – Cruise control for motorcycle

This is my review on MCCruise, one that I have installed on my V-Strom DL650.  It’s basically a repost ( with some info added ) from my original post here: I’ll start with the fact that I am NOT affiliated in any way with MC Cruise. Before getting to this farkle, I tried throttle […]


Uluru Trip – Itinerary

This is my itinerary for the Uluru Trip. I’ve got some good advice from the Melbourne – ULURU and back thread I started. I took into account all of the opinions there and I made the following plan for the trip. It’s not going to be long, but it’s the most I can afford to stay […]


DIY V-Strom soft pannier rack (right)

I had the option of purchasing a rack for around $300 and was determined to do just that. But decided to give it ago and try to make one of my own V-Strom soft pannier rack. I don’t have a pipe bender or a welding machine but I decided to give it a go anyway. […]

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DIY Radiator guard – V-Strom 650

I had the option of either paying around $100 for a radiator guard for my V-Strom or try and build one myself. After looking under the fairings and in front of the radiator, I decided that there are enough tie points to have one tied there. I also had a look on Stromtroopers forum for […]


INNOVV C3 Camera Review

For my GS500 bike, I wanted to have a permanently dash cam mounted. One that is pointing towards the front, one that is pointing towards the rear of the bike. Below are my findings. Background I have owned 2 complete C3 cameras. 1 – 90 degree lens, recording unit capacitor. 2 – 120 degree lens, […]