MCCruise review – Cruise control for motorcycle

This is my review on MCCruise, one that I have installed on my V-Strom DL650.  It’s basically a repost ( with some info added ) from my original post here:

I’ll start with the fact that I am NOT affiliated in any way with MC Cruise.

Before getting to this farkle, I tried throttle lock(s), cramp busters, made my own throttle lock but nothing seemed to work for the long run.

When I got to Omni Cruise, I thought I finally hit the nail in the head and found my “cruise control” of my choice. I soon discovered some flaws:

  • that it had to be adjusted every now and then as it lost grip no matter how hard I would tighten the screw
  • I had to manually accelerate on hills as the bike will slow down
  • I had to decelerate going downhill and re adjust after
  • readjust it when you shifted position in the seat and the wind changes around you so I would either slow down or gain speed
  • also the desired speed was a pain to get and set it at that exact point

As you can see, this is not the best solution but I was pretty happy with it. Until I got MCCruise.

When I purchased my V-Strom, the MCCruise was already installed and it was one of the main selling point for me. I had a good look on their website prior to purchasing it and was going to get it on the new bike anyway.

It pretty much works like a car cruise control, accelerate to a point and press “SET” to set it. If you break or pull the clutch it disengages but remembers the old setting. All you have to do to get it back at that speed is press the “RES” (reset) button and will accelerate to the previous setting.

It will maintain that speed going up/down on the hills or regardless of wind conditions.

Once the speed is set up and you are cruising along, if you press the “ACC” / “DEC” button, it accelerates or decelerates by set amount. My bike is set to increment by 1 km/h but it can be setup to increment by 2 km/h or more.

The controls are illuminated and are clearly seen during the night. The colour is orange and is not bright. Also happen to be orange, just as my bike’s dash lights.
I can’t imagine my commute on the freeway or my long trips without this cruise control now. It’s by far the best farkle I have on my bike.

Some images that I took with my phone:

MCCruise lit
Lights on
MCCruise during the day
during the day


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