DIY Radiator guard – V-Strom 650

I had the option of either paying around $100 for a radiator guard for my V-Strom or try and build one myself. After looking under the fairings and in front of the radiator, I decided that there are enough tie points to have one tied there. I also had a look on Stromtroopers forum for others who might have done this in the past and ……. indeed there were. I guess this would apply to other kinds of bikes as well but for now I’ll stick to DL650.

Budget: as low as possible

I had no tools to do the job, but I thought that with $100 total (as a brand new rad guard) I have to build it, purchase the tools to do it.

I went to OfficeWorks and bought this mesh document tray for $4 (was on special). I wanted it black, but … for that amount, blue will do just fine.

mesh tray

I went to K-Mart and bought a pair of Impact Posters 92cm (should have bought smaller ones) for about $2 i think.


I’ve went to Bunnings and bought myself a OZITO rotary tool for $49.  I’ve cut the two sides of the mesh tray and the small handles. I also made some gross measurements with a ruler and cut the mesh accordingly.

First cut

First cut


Second cut

Second cut

Rotary tool

Rotary tool

I’ve painted the mesh black with a black spray can that I had in my garage.


I’ve cut and added the Kmart sides to the mesh. Looking back, I think I should have added this first and then sprayed the whole thing. Would have been easier.





I used black zip ties to tie the whole thing in front of my radiator.Looks like OEM, works brilliant.


INNOVV C3 Camera Review

For my GS500 bike, I wanted to have a permanently dash cam mounted. One that is pointing towards the front, one that is pointing towards the rear of the bike. Below are my findings.

I have owned 2 complete C3 cameras.
1 – 90 degree lens, recording unit capacitor.
2 – 120 degree lens, recording unit on battery.

My use for the camera
Used as a permanently mounted dash camera. I never took the footage off the camera unless a crash happened (was lucky, never had to).
Wanted the cameras to record for some period of time after the bike was turned off.

The 90 lens was pointing towards the front of the bike. Mounded under the headlight. Recording unit was under the seat.

The 120 lens was pointing towards the back of the bike. Mounted under the rear fairing. Recording unit was under the seat.

Rear camera

The cameras were linked together and had a switch on the dashboard to power them on.

Started with two camera, ended up with only one
From 2 units, managed to get 1 working and worked for few months until I sold the bike.


  • The 120 degree lens broke within a week.
    • Got on Skype and spoke with the company’s rep. I think it was the actual owner or similar as he was at home.
    • After an agonizing 2 hours of broken English between the two of us, the demo of what’s not working and what not, I managed to convince him to send me another lens with the condition that I send that one back.
    • I have sent the broken units back to the shop for debugging. Never heard from them again.
  • The second 120 degree lens that he sent, broke within two weeks.
    • It only recorded sound and the image was freezing after 1 minute of power on. After 2 more days, lens refused to work completely.
    • I’ve sent a couple of emails, none of which was answered.
    • Skype was never answered again.

  • Support – massive fail. Only on skype. Barely spoke eny English and for a simple problem, to show that is not working, took me around 2 hours. Second attempt after the second lens failed, failed completely. The shop refused to answer mails, Skype calls.
  • I had two recording units with one lens, the 90 one. Left it mounted on the front of the bike. Was actually afraid of moving or touching it as I was sure it will break.
  • One of the recording unit broke. The mini usb power inlet broke and dropped inside.
  • You have to be careful how you insert the mini SD card. You can lose it inside the unit and then struggle to get it out (happened to me 4 times).
    • Recording unit is very cheap made. VERY !
  • Recorder was doing a date/time reset whenever it felt like it. Was so unreliable I decided to take it off completely.
  • The packages delivered had incomplete and inconsistent contents. One was missing bits and the other had some weird things in it.
    • Only one was actually complete.
  • If you put a text stamp that is longer than 8 characters (if I remember correctly) long, the time stamp will not work and will actually cut into the text.
  • Recorded video was poor, loosing frames and the recording was played back as if seen through a drunk person’s eyes. Very weird
  • Poor battery life.
    • After the power to the unit went off, the batter hold the camera on for about 10 seconds. Never had the damn thing working to record whilst I was away from the bike.
  • Recording when bike was moved feature failed completely.
    • Unit was working when the bike was moved indeed. It recorded for few seconds then shut down for 1 minute. Woke up and the cycle starts again.
  • From 2 complete units, within 1 month I had only 1 working unit

My conclusion
Will not be purchasing any camera from them ever again. Would have been much better spending $200 somewhere else for a quality product.